Procession of the Fracchie in San Marco in Lamis

In San Marco in Lamis, in the Gargano hinterland, hundreds of fires are lit on Good Friday night. They are the "fracchie" that burn. The fracchie are enormous wooden torches, built by the inhabitants of San Marco in Lamis, which are used to accompany the Madonna Addolorata during the Good Friday procession. With these huge torches the night of San Marco in Lamis is illuminated, so as to allow the Madonna to go in search of her son Jesus died. It is a moment full of pain and faith, the very roads of San Marco in Lamis seem that burn a thousand fires, is one of the most beautiful rites of Holy Week in Italy. One of the most beautiful Easter rituals.

Borgo Celano, at the Village Park the 'Sign of Hope' Award 2018

The "Segno di Speranza" 2018 Prize awarded to the Patronal Festival of San Marco Evangelist was awarded to the Village Park of Borgo Celano , in San Marco in Lamis, on the Gargano. The "Sign of Hope" award aims to reward the realities and the people who live in the Gargano town and who, through their work, make the city known and give prestige. which will take place in the Marsh, the ancient center of the city, which will see the participation of the "La Montagna del Sole" group. The Village Park with the Dinosaur Park and the Paleontological Museum is one of the attractions and tourist centers of the Gargano.

Jubilee Year 50th anniversary of the death of Padre Pio and the first centenary of St Pio of Pietralcina

The first jubilee concerns the centenary of the stigmatization of Father Pio of Pietrelcina, which took place on the morning of September 20, 1918 in the choir of the small church of the Capuchin convent of San Giovanni Rotondo.
The other recurrence is linked instead to the 50 years of the blessed transit of Padre Pio, which always took place in San Giovanni Rotondo, at 2.30 on September 23, 1968 at age 81. Naturally, to underline the two jubilee recurrences, a great organizational machine has already been set in motion to collect, once again, the spiritual heritage that this humble Capuchin friar left to the Church and the world.

Dinner with the Stars and 5th ENZO MANDUZIO Award - 8 and 9 September two events not to be missed !!!

Today, Saturday 8 September, at 8:30 pm, at the Hotel Rossemi in San Marco in Lamis, a charity dinner will be held in the company of the Italian national actors; the proceeds will be donated to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) which is a foundation founded in 1968 with the aim of carrying out large-scale humanitarian projects, both in the territories close to us and in those further away. The evening will be enlivened with music live by Antonio Aucello, Ciro Iannacone and band, Tiziano and Gianpaolo Paragone and Lucia Ruggieri.
Among the actors present Ninetto Davoli, Tony Santagata, Danilo Brugia, Andrea Preti, Ciro Esposito, Gaetano Amato, Francesco Giuffrida, Marcelo Fuentes and many others .....

Sunday 9 September at Mother Stone Stadium in Apricena 'a kick to the ... possible, a game that will see the Italian National Actors VS Lions-Leo Representative in memory of ENZO MANDUZIO take to the field.

* The proceeds will be donated to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation)

Concert of Peace

2018 edition for the Peace Concert, a classic appointment that Foggia proposes on the occasion of Peace Day, designed to commemorate the victims of the 1943 bombing.

An evening of music and entertainment in the city center, in which Ornella Vanoni will be a guest who will present her most beautiful songs to the public, an unmissable show.
The 2018 Peace Concert in Foggia with Ornella Vanoni is held on July 22nd at Piazza Cesare Battisti, a free admission event.

Future grains 2018 San Marco in Lamis

Grani Futuri wants to tell the future of wheat and above all of bread. The second edition of this event will be held from 16 to 18 June in San Marco in Lamis, in the province of Foggia. Three days where this ancient product is celebrated and we will try to trace the path for tomorrow. Kitchen also protagonist in the Bread Dinner. A gala dinner where the bread becomes the main ingredient. A challenge taken up by the chefs present who have created a particular menu, from appetizers to desserts, with this product. Three days of celebration with one goal: to give life to a movement capable of tracing the path to the bread of the future.