From 11 to 25 November the painting of the Madonna Di Częstochowa in San Giovanni Rotondo !!

Tradition has it that it was painted by St. Luke and that, being a contemporary of the Madonna, he painted his true face. From 11 to 25 November it will be in San Giovanni Rotondo, soon the details ...

The Vigil for Padre Pio 22 September 2019

Also this year on the occasion of the death of San Pio, which took place on September 23, 1968, at 2.30 am in San Giovanni Rotondo (Foggia) the Prayer Vigil will be celebrated. Since then the devotion to the friar with the stigmata spread like wildfire in all corners of the country.

Future grains 2019 San Marco in Lamis

Grani Futuri wants to tell the future of wheat and above all of bread. The third edition of this event will be held on 15 and 16 June in San Marco in Lamis, in the province of Foggia. On these days this ancient product is celebrated and we will try to trace the path for tomorrow. Days of celebration with one goal: to give life to a movement capable of tracing the path to the bread of the future.

The Giro d'Italia in San Marco in Lamis

On the occasion of the passage of the Giro d'Italia to San Marco in Lamis, the city is organizing side events for the whole day aimed at all bicycle enthusiasts!
It starts at 11.00 am with the opening of the Sports Village, in Villetta Comunale, with a city ride on a 4 km circuit.
Afternoon full of events for the little ones too, with bike schools (dedicated instructors) and shows by bike trial and skate champions

Feast of the San Marco Way in Lamis

On 22 and 23 June 2019 the second edition of the Feast of the Way will take place in San Marco in Lamis, with two days dedicated to shared hiking and the accessibility of nature trails.
na two days in contact with the environment and enriched, moreover, by naturalistic excursions in the Bosco Difesa San Matteo, visit of the historical center of San Marco in Lamis and Grotta di Montenero and cultural and gastronomic events.
This is the initiative promoted by FederTrek and collected by the "Without Cement" association of San Marco in Lamis in coordination with Walkers North Puglia.

For more info, program and registration:

Procession of the Fracchie in San Marco in Lamis 2019

In San Marco in Lamis, in the Gargano inland, hundreds of fires are lit on Good Friday night. They are the "fracchie" that burn. The fracchie are huge wooden torches, built by the inhabitants of San Marco in Lamis, which are used to accompany the Madonna Addolorata during the Good Friday procession. With these huge torches the night of San Marco in Lamis is illuminated, so as to allow the Madonna to go in search of her son Jesus died. It is a moment full of pain and faith, the very roads of San Marco in Lamis seem that burn a thousand fires, is one of the most beautiful rites of Holy Week in Italy. One of the most beautiful Easter rituals. For the 2019 program click here !!

Dinner with the Stars and 5th ENZO MANDUZIO Award - 8 and 9 September two events not to be missed !!!

A charity dinner will be held today, Saturday 8 September, at 8.30 pm, at the Hotel Rossemi in San Marco in Lamis, in the company of the Italian national actors; the proceeds will be donated to the LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation) which is a foundation founded in 1968 with the aim of carrying out large-scale humanitarian projects, both in the territories close to us and in the more distant ones. The evening will be enlivened with music live by Antonio Aucello, Ciro Iannacone and band, Tiziano and Gianpaolo Paragone and Lucia Ruggieri.
Among the actors present are Ninetto Davoli, Tony Santagata, Danilo Brugia, Andrea Preti, Ciro Esposito, Gaetano Amato, Francesco Giuffrida, Marcelo Fuentes and many others .....

Sunday 9 September at the Apricena Mother Stone Stadium 'a kick to ... possible, a game that will see the Italian National Act Actors VS Lions-Leo in memory of ENZO MANDUZIO take the field.

* The proceeds will be donated to LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation)