San Marco in Lamis - Borgo Celano

In the heart of the Gargano, along the Via Francigena, San Marco in Lamis owes its origin to the presence of the Monastery of San Matteo. A town full of traditions, it is known for the procession of the " fracchie " of Good Friday: a religious event that is unique in its kind.
Thanks to its strategic position, San Marco is intertwined between spirituality and nature, thanks to the presence of the ' Spontaneous Orchids ', unique and rare specimens all over the world, among them was found in May 2017 the beautiful Monkey Orchid, its name scientific is Orchis simia, for flowers that look like little monkeys.

Sanctuary of San Matteo Apostolo

About one kilometer from the Hotel Rossemi, on the ancient "Via Sacra Langobardorum", on the slopes of Mount Celano (871 m) stands the Franciscan convent of San Matteo . It is one of the oldest and most renowned sanctuaries in the Gargano area. Now a Franciscan convent, it was founded by the Benedictines with the name of San Giovanni in Lamis and is remembered in many medieval documents. Known for its ancient library, with over 70 thousand volumes including 10 incunabula, 200 cinquecentine and around 1,000 seicentine.
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S. Giovanni Rotondo: Near the Sanctuary of Padre Pio

Just 4 minutes from the Hotel Rossemi, we find San Giovanni Rotondo known in the world for the veneration of the remains of San Pio da Pietrelcina, Capuchin friar, who lived for about 50 years in the Gargano town.
In the service of the church, he was responsible for the birth of Prayer Groups and the creation of charitable works, first of all the "Casa Sollievo della Sofferenza" Hospital which is located near the two churches dedicated to Santa Maria delle Grazie , where he lived and Padre Pio worked, and the new church completed in 2004.
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Monte Sant'Angelo

Monte Sant'Angelo is known throughout the world for its religious history, Saints, emperors, popes, kings or simple faithful have come here to kneel before the altar of the Archangel Michael.
The Sanctuary of San Michele is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a precious example of Lombard art in Italy. A staircase carved into the rock leads into the Sacred Cave , a mystical place of the apparition of the Archangel, the destination of a constant stream of pilgrims.
The breath of history is still alive among the Norman Castle   , residence of Federico II, the Tomba di Rotari and the San Francesco complex, where the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of the Gargano is set up.


From the beauty of the coasts to the food and wine specialties, from the suggestive landscape to the folk tradition, from the historical heritage to the spirituality: living the Gargano means going to discover its treasures along thematic itineraries rich in history, art and beauty. Most of the sandy beaches on the Gargano are characterized by small coves surrounded by cliffs, facing a sea with emerald green and turquoise-blue reflections, authentic wonders of nature. From the trabucchi of Peschici and Vieste to the Mergoli beach in Mattinata , a true natural oasis surrounded by olive trees, pines and oaks, accessible on foot or by sea, the spur of Italy is home to a coast of rare beauty.

The Hotel and the Trekking Itineraries on the Gargano

Trekking on the Gargano is the perfect opportunity to walk the Gargano and to immerse yourself in the true identity of the promontory. Crossing the paths that wind through it will allow you to come into direct contact with the beautiful scenery, sounds and scents that embellish these lands.
Among the trekking routes not to be missed, it is impossible not to mention those that wind through the Gargano National Park and the Umbra Forest , among beautiful beech woods, maples, ash trees and brooms in the shade of which to rest just the time of a picnic in one of the many equipped areas before leaving to discover other wonders of nature, such as the Otri Lake , the Grava di Marianna or the Grava di Malanotte.
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