• Promotion of the Dinosaur Park

Exclusive promotion dedicated to visits to the Dinosaur Park of Borgo Celano !!

Enjoy the pleasure of being together and exploring the Gargano to spend a holiday with the whole family and why not also the large Dinosaur Park of Borgo Celano It is only 800 meters from us !!!!
Can your children stay for free in the room *, and if you need more space? Take advantage of the discount on the second bedroom.
In this regard, the Hotel Rossemi offers two solutions:
Pack 1 - Overnight stay with breakfast + Lunch or Dinner with drinks included € 99.00 !!
Pack 2 - Overnight stay with breakfast + Lunch + Dinner with drinks included € 145.00 !!
(Total price for a family of 2 adults and one child per day)
Groups min 10 People and Schools -   Menù Park € 20.00 adults € 12.00 Children with drinks included !! (Menu: First + Second + Side dish + Fruit or Dessert)

For families of 4-5 components and above CLICK HERE !!!
* For info and reservations fill out the following FORM , one of our operators will be happy to formulate an offer suitable to the needs of your family.