Hotel Rossemi Receptions

Elegant and refined the prestigious Hotel Rossemi Ricevimenti is located in a residential area surrounded by nature, the ample free parking and the stop of the urban line in front of the Hotel will make your stay easier.

Whether you're a business man, backpackers, families, or just couples who want to take a break from the stress of everyday life, this is the place for you: the cozy rooms furnished in a classic / contemporary style and the spacious 'Veranda' enriched with flowers and ornamental plants give life to an atmosphere of harmony and serenity from which the visitor is pleasantly impressed and delighted by the famous specialties of the Maison Rossemi.

Located in Borgo Celano district of San Marco in Lamis, thanks to its strategic position it is possible to reach the main destinations of the Gargano: in fact it is 1 min. from the largest Paleontological Museum and Dinosaur Park, 2 min. from the Convent of St. Matthew the Apostle, 3 min. from the Church of San Pio and Santa Maria delle Grazie to San Giovanni Rotondo, 30 min. from the Cave of San Michele Arcangelo, all along Via Sacra Langobardorum.